Sunday, October 16, 2011

it starts with "100 US military personnel"

KRBN Internet news talk commentary --

President Obama notified Congress that he is deploying 100 US troops to battle, oops I mean,"advisors" to help remove Lord's Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony, an international criminal court fugitive from the battlefield.

The LRA itself has been accused of two decades of murder, rape and kidnapping.

President Obama pointed out the the troops although they will be "combat-equipped", they will only fight in self-defense.[more from USA Today]

I guess president Obama is suffering from what is typically known as the "swelled head syndrome" after "bagging" Osama bin Laden and an Al Qaeda leader.

However, while the gesture in helping out Africa might be a good one... we here at home are in pretty sad shape both economically and with their own security (read: our open borders)

But this is also another example especially in the 21st century were a sitting president can without the authorization of Congress send troops overseas and risk getting us involved in a another conflict no matter what name you give it.

"I remember how past military deployments intended to further worthy humanitarian goals, whether it was peace-keeping operations in Lebanon or Somalia, resulted in tragedies that we never intended or expected" said Senator John McCain

As president Obama pointed out in his letter to Congress, the 100 troops are there on an advisory role however, will not fire unless fired upon.

let's think about this for a minute...

"Will not fire unless fired upon..." as we send 100 troops into a hot battle area I would think that at some point in time there's going to be a bullet flying in their basic direction which of course gives us all PERMISSION to get involved.

Remember, the Vietnam War (and a few others) was only a "police action" and never technically considered a war.

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